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Facilities Management workflow is the digital automation of manual or separate business processes, with the goal of improving efficiency and productivity in managing the entire supply chain.

At Spring High we have developed a total FM solution that is highly customisable, and scalable for organisations of any size.

It can be modeled to your exact requirements and rapidly adapt to changes in your organisation.

We make use of the very latest, feature-rich technologies to ensure that you are always ahead of the competition.

Facilities Management Components

Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides the facilities to the project whether in the development stage or in the production stage. Facilities are generally ongoing services relating to maintenance and operations.

Facilities Managers and Project Managers together manage the supply chain of all services related to the Client's property - from Initiation through to Business and Finance Approval, Contract Change Control and Service Implementation.

The Facilities Manager and Client are governed by a contract to manage the properties to an agreed budget and over a set period.

Services which impact the contract through an increase or decrease in value are managed through a Contract Change Control Process, where client approval is required.

The Facilities Management process models the approval and management of services across multiple properties. Accurate financials modelling is required to calculate the impact on the contract value, in both real-time and via historic views spread across the contract period.

Project Management

Project management is the process of planning, designing, monitoring and executing projects until the end of their development and handover to the Client and Facilities Manager.

Project Managers ensure that all suppliers perform their service on time and to a high standard. from project initiation to final sign-off and handover.Project Managers ensure that all suppliers perform their service on time and to a high standard. from project initiation to final sign-off and handover.

Examples : Building works, Moves and Relocations, Space Planning

Project Origination

Identifies the Property and Scope of Work

Project Costing

Supplier Quotation Submission and Approval

Project Management

Project Execution Metrics

Supplier Payments

Manage Payments to Suppliers

Client Payments

Manage Client Invoicing and Payments

Project Close

Proof of Completion & Handover to Client


Throughout the Project Lifecycle detailed reporting is available to the Supplier, Finance, Project Managers and the Client.

Contract Adjustment

Facilities Management is provided over a pre-agreed contract period and within an agreed budget.

Historic costs help identify the future cost of buildings maintenance. Where a service impacts the value of the existing contract, controls are needed to ensure that the client agrees to the impact of an increase or decrease to the contract amounts. To this end, a Change Control Process measures the impact on the contract and generates all documentation required for sign-off by the client.

An approval workflow allows one or more Business Cases to generate a Change Control request. Workflow allows for cyclical review options and parallel approval gateways.

Budget Management

Project Management across multiple properties often aligns to a Global Budget where budget is assigned to categories.

When a New Project is identified, it is often required to identify upfront whether there is budget available.

Budget is managed dynamically in-system, where approved projects automatically impact the available budget and align with the associated categories. Budget can be adjusted or realigned manually via the budget management console. At year-end, any projects that rollover are automatically accrued, and marked for transfer to the new budget.

Supplier Managment

Suppliers are onboarded through a digital vetting process which may involve automated credit checking and contractual obligations.

Once a supplier is approved, they are made available to Project Managers in-system.

Suppliers can :

  • Upload quotations
  • Upload invoices
  • Receive payment notifications
  • Submit requests for information
  • Track payments and projects

Buildings and Property Management

The properties database is managed in process, which ensures full change control. Additional Property definitions can be stored, such as additional categories or types.

The Properties database is fully searchable, Events can be triggered automatically. For example, when a lease is about to expire, the system can automatically generate notifications or actions.

Longitude and Latitude values allow for a view on google maps.

Property database example

  • Address Details
  • Key Contacts
  • Map Coordinates
  • Categories and Types
  • No of Floors
  • SQM

Facilities Management Features


Additional processes that encompass your employees and departments.

  • Asset Tracking through Barcode / RFID
  • Catering Services
  • Transport Services
  • Security Access
  • Human Resources
  • Equipment Booking
  • Support Ticketing Systems
  • IOT system process integration

Approval Methods

Replace paper based approvals with digital options, with full audit controls and traceability.

  • Online / Mobile APP approval
  • Approval via email - with comment ability
  • Digital Signature Approvals

Financial Controls

Compute financial and date based data for real-time and date based functions.

  • Custom Algorithms
  • Client or Server-side data
  • Automate exception
  • Business Rules for applying
  • Generate graphs and
  • Automate financial report distribution


Report across any data through built-in permissions-based reporting tools.

  • Discrete user-defined reporting
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Sort and extract data to Excel or PDF
  • Automate Report Distribution via email
  • Connect with external Analytics tools
  • History, Current & Forecast Reporting

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