Performance flows from organisation

The way companies handle their workflow processes dictates their time management, employee satisfaction, data & reporting and, ultimately, their performance.

The more organised they are, the better they perform!

For nearly two decades we have specialised in organisation, by building and managing business process management (BPM) solutions that meet the structure, requirements and processes of our different client partners.


Our primary solution is SpringFlow™, an easy to use BPM platform, and an evolution of the low-code workflow technology of ProcessMaker. ProcessMaker, in turn, holds Advanced Technology Partner status with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Working closely with each new client partner, we build a Springflow™ platform on our secure servers and configure it to map and manage workflow specific to their business needs. After that we monitor, manage and scale Springflow™ on an ongoing basis, ensuring that business processes continue to flow smoothly, from one central digital hub.


Companies can license the base ProcessMaker solution from us. We are a fully accredited ProcessMaker partner in South Africa able to grant such licenses.

Companies that have their own high-level developers can have the SpringFlow™ technology installed and then manage it in-house, calling on us in a consultancy capacity.

Spring High is an OEM Partner to ProcessMaker, with 10 years' related experience and insights.

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